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The Best Home & Small Business PC Support


Cotswold Computer Medic is a leading supplier of peripherals to home users and small businesses in Gloucestershire. We can supply the following at very competitive prices. Let us know what it is you want to achieve and we will help with advice and great prices.

We have great deals on components, power supplies, DVD drives, hard drives, caddies, portable hard drives, webcams, software, tabkets, bags, cases, sleeves, desktop wireless combos, stands, security, i-plates, ADSL filters, DVD cases, laptop AC adapters, batteries, thermal paste, headphones, skype equipment, laser printers, homeplug kits, network plugs and passthrough plugs, range extenders, usb wireless adaptors, vga, DVI, displayport adaptors, mini displayport cables, surge protectors, network cables, CAT5e,  CAT6, rj45, ATI AMD graphics cards, nVidia graphics cards, gaming peripherals, batteries, CMOS, laptop battery, screen wipes, air dusters, thermal paste, power supplies, pci-e cables, card readers, cabling, connectors, games controllers, joysticks, keyboards, monitors, mice, blank media, usb flash drives, microphones, routers, access points, printers, scanners, speakers and subwoofers and network switches. This list is not exhaustive so please let us know how we can help.