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Broadband Setup

Do you need advice on what the latest deals are for broadband in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Tewkesbury and surrounding areas?

Would you like help to set it up and configure internet and email for first use?

Are you swapping from one broadband supplier to another and need some help with the transfer or advice?

Having problems getting a laptop or desktop connected to a wireless broadband access point?

It may be second nature to us but to many it’s a daunting task and easily resolved with a phone call to Cotswold Computer Medic. We are continually advised of the latest deals and also receive genuine feedback from our customers on each broadband providers level of customer service.

Value Broadband Deals

Despite the economic slowdown in most areas of business, broadband is still a growth industry that has revolutionised the way we communicate with each other, do business and entertain ourselves. 60% of homes in the UK currently have access to a broadband connection, with a majority of broadband being provided over the exiting copper telephone lines, but there are also cable and fibre optic services which offer much faster download and upload speeds but are restricted to the areas in which the cable has been laid.

Then there is mobile broadband, the most recent addition to the broadband internet arsenal, which requires no land line and is provided thanks to the most recent generation of mobile networking technology, 3G /4G, and allows the user to access a broadband internet connection anywhere up and down the UK with adequate 3G /4G reception. Because the broadband market is so full of options it is also full of offers, and getting an incredibly cheap deal is pretty easy, but you’ve got to make sure that the deal has all the things that you need from a broadband connection as well as coming in at the right price bracket.

Getting the Best Deal

The only sure fire way of getting the best broadband deal is to get online, either using your existing internet connection or a public computer, and use a comparison website to weigh up packages. If you’re looking for the cheapest deal out there you’ll want to set the site to provide you with the packages in ascending order of price. Most of the cheapest deals at the moment are offered with a reduced price for the first X months of the service, and companies like Talk Talk, BT and Virgin Media all have deals which follow this model. It’s important to bear in mind that most of the cheap broadband deals will have various restrictions on the connection that you would not find if you paid more. For example, you may have a limited download speed which does not use the full potential of your line, but unless you’re a serious gamer or you download a lot this isn’t really a problem. You should also expect to have a monthly data usage cap in place, usually measured in Gigabytes, which you cannot exceed without having your speed artificially limited even further. However, there are “unlimited” usage deals, though these will of course be controlled by a fair use policy, so read the small print and consider how much you are going to be using your broadband connection each month before you choose a package.

Combining Services

Over recent years ISPs have been offering more than just broadband services. All of the big players and some of the small ones will offer to provide land line telephone services with your broadband connection, offering incentives like free evening and weekend calls, and BT, Talk Talk and Virgin Media all offer TV packages in tandem with broadband and home phone. Amalgamating all of your monthly telecommunication and entertainment services into one bill is arguably the best way to get cheaper broadband.