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PC Healthcheck

Great value at only £59.99!*

Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere trustworthy you could take your computer for a tune-up?

There is. PC Healthcheck is offered for any PC or notebook computer, old or new. The make and model is irrelevant and it doesn’t have to have been bought through Cotswold Computer Medic. The only requirements are that the computer will boot into Windows, is running at least Windows 95 and has a working CD-ROM drive. It’s important to realise that this isn’t a repair service – if your system’s as dead as a doornail, you can’t get a Healthcheck but there is a separate Repair Service you can use.

The PC Healthcheck consists of –

An assessment of your computing needs and an evaluation of your PC’s current capabilities.

  • Cleaning of internal components including fans that accumulate dust and cause overheating shortening the lifespan of your machine
  • Numerous operating system checks to optimise performance.
  • Operating system updates.
  • Removal of unnecessary files.
  • Virus scanning of hard disk(s).
  • Scanning of disk to detect physical errors.
  • Cleaning of registry (where necessary).
  • Defragmentation of disk (where necessary).
  • Re-organisation of files (where necessary).

A written report is given at the end of the health check with details of findings, recommendations and any associated costs.

* PC Healthcheck is available to residential users only. If you are a business user please contact us for more details on our business services.