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Tagged as 8th Birthday Celebration

26 July 2017

Cotswold Computer Medic celebrates eight years of healthy hardware

While negative stories surrounding the recession are rife, the light from the Birthday cake candles at Cotswold Computer Medic highlight one retail success story worth noting.

The friendly repair centre has been in business for eight years this week and the shop on Kingsholm Road in Gloucester will be providing their usual value for money service with a side of cake on Thursday 5th December. The recession has seen a developed interest in people making do and mending and as we rely on our computers for everything from work to the weekly shop, people are increasingly looking to protecting them.

Steve Davis, owner of Cotswold Computer Medic explains: ‘We remove a lot of viruses and spyware and do lots of repairs such as screen replacements. But there’s a lot we can do to make things run faster and better. Just as you take your car to the mechanic, our computer and laptop MOTs are a great way to check you’re not wasting storage space and everything is configured for how you actually use the machine.’

Cotswold Computer Medic still has customers who have been there from their first weeks. Steve attributes this to the fact they take responsibility: ‘The high street shops can sell you a good computer but we take the time to really get to know what you need. We can then not only source your computer but we can help you set it up, transfer data, troubleshoot any issues you have and ensure that after the warranty is over, it still does what you want.’

The shop is a key part of the community, donating equipment and supporting local groups. For Steve, the business has been as much about laying down roots for his family as it has been about the business.