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26 May 2017

Windows 8 News – start button is back!

Hooray!!!! A lot of our customers will be delighted to hear that Microsoft are bringing back the start button and menu in an update to Windows 8. Finally Microsoft have listened to customer feedback although they won’t admit it’s a u-turn.

26 April 2017

Security Tool Variants Released

This month has seen new variants of the security tool virus being released on the internet. Security Tool Virus is a rogue spyware program that’s distributed through websites that simulate virus scans and exaggerate the levels of threat. The user is prompted to download the software to clean the infected PC! The tool provides false alerts of genuine files used by your computer.

Our computer store and repair centre in Gloucester has seen dozens of machines dropped in to be cleansed. It seems people are inadvertently clicking on links on websites and allowing the files to be uploaded to their machine in the background. Do not click on any links on the pop ups and do not enter any credit card details. Simply turn your machine off and drop it into our repair centre as soon as possible. Call us on any of our numbers or pop in.